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Any organization wishing to apply for a grant must do so by using the 2019 Grant Application and Reporting Guidelines (word doc). Here is a pdf of the application and guidelines. Please submit all applications to: must be received no later than March 16, 2019.

The mission of the Buck Dinner is to support groups working for progressive social change and defending against erosion of our civil rights and civil liberties. The Buck Dinner will support specific projects or provide general operating support to those organizations which can demonstrate that its work’s central focus is advocacy efforts that have an impact. General operating support is intended to help ensure the stability and build the capacity of progressive organizations in southeastern Michigan

The Buck Dinner supports justice, peace and equality. The Buck Dinner Committee consists of Headhunters, who invite guests to sit at their table at the dinner and contribute as many bucks as they can. The amount of money available for grants each year depends on the amount generated at the dinner. 

Several weeks after the dinner, headhunters gather to review applications and reports from organizations that previously received grants and to make decisions about that year’s distribution of funds. The Buck Dinner Committee provides funding for some projects; others are funded by attendees’ donations to the Fund for Equal Justice, which provides grants eligible for its Section 501(c)(3) funds. 

The criteria for Buck Dinner/FEJ grants is included in the 2019 Grant Application and Reporting Guidelines


All 2018 grant recipients are required to submit a report to by January 31, 2019, and by January 31, 2010 for the 2019 grant recipients as outlined in the above 2019 Grant Application and Reporting Guidelines. Filing this report is required for future grant consideration. Please include a few photographs with your report.

Poor People’s Campaign Rally in Lansing. Photo by Valerie Jean.

Poor People’s Campaign Rally in Lansing. Photo by Valerie Jean.

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